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Re: [APD] Silicone that really sticks

On 9/10/05, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote: 
> What is safe about safety glass are two things. First the
> glass is tempered, so that when it fractures it breaks into
> thousands of small shards instead of just a few large heavy
> pieces. Second, there is a semi-solid layer between two
> outer layers of tempered glass. The inner layer tends to
> hold all the pieces together even when the glass is broken,
> reducing the number of pieces than might go flying about.

 You sure about the layering? I thought there was tempered glass that is a 
single layer used in window panes and for side and rear windows in cars and 
laminated safety glass that is 3 layers, also known as auto glass, that is 
used for windshields among other things. Could easily be wrong, but if fully 
tempered glass is laminated it is news to me.
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