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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 25, Issue 24

>That should be plenty. How's the tank temperature? I've heard of plants 
>having trouble at high temperatures, but I had rotala in 82-degree water 
>and it was fine. Another thing to check is iron levels.
>Jerry Baker

Why would this plant need iron anymore than any other plant?

I've found this plant at 40C growing quite well.
The plant will become redder as you reduce the NO3 levels. Red is a stress color for low Nitrogen in many species, Rotala's more than many species. 
Higher light causes the tips to appear redder as it takes longer to add the green chlorophyll at a faster growth rate.
Red plants in general are low light tropical plants.
There are few desert red plants, most are green.
2 w/gal will produce nice red color in virtually all cases.
Tom Barr

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