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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

well if anyone needs info on stuff from here in Wyoming I have a 
comprehensive list. Some of it may cross over as alot comes from Home 
Depot and Lowes etc. Just in case I'm not the only Wyo person here... haha

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Has anyone started to collect sources of DIY material yet? I have a hard 
>time calling business after business looking for this or that. It sure 
>seems a waste for each person to have to go through that. If there isn't 
>a list, I'm going to make one. No need to duplicate effort though.
>For instance, it took me three days to find a place in the Los Angeles 
>area that sells silica sand suitable for the aquarium. They sell it in 
>75lb bags for $6.99. There should be some repository of this information.
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