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Re: [APD] Copper

of course there's nothing wrong with your decision..  i was just making 
a joke.   but to answer your question; in both instances I'd choose the 
one that tasted better.
-derek parr

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Derek Parr wrote:
>>given all the unknowns out there you might want to start holding your 
>>breath.  Which is known to cause death eventually..  but at least you 
>>will know that.  ;]
> While it's true that it would be silly to even attempt to avoid every 
> unknown chemical out there, I don't think it silly at all to avoid 
> unknowns where there is a clear choice between known and unknown, and 
> either choice is equally as easy to make.
> It's no different than if you had two glasses of water presented to you 
> where one contains traces of iron and copper, and the other contains 
> agents for softening PVC, CPVC residues, and residues from PVC cement. 
> Which are you going to choose to drink given the choice? I would assume 
> that you would choose the glass with only iron and copper. If so, why 
> would you then make the opposite choice when it comes to you, your 
> family, and your fish?

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