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Re: [APD] Copper

Well, you gotta tell me how much iron and how much copper
and whther there was lead used in the copper joints, etc. 
One man's trace is another man's poison ;-) So it could be
a real toss-up.

I tend to agree that that those long-chain and sometimes
volatile and interactive chems from plastics are imposed on
us plenty every day without adding unnecessarily. After
all, all plastic gives off a little something everyday.

However, it's pretty subjective how one balances out
"necessary" versus "risk."

Scott H.
--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> Derek Parr wrote:
> > given all the unknowns out there you might want to
> start holding your 
> > breath.  Which is known to cause death eventually.. 
> but at least you 
> > will know that.  ;]
> While it's true that it would be silly to even attempt to
> avoid every 
> unknown chemical out there, I don't think it silly at all
> to avoid 
> unknowns where there is a clear choice between known and
> unknown, and 
> either choice is equally as easy to make.
> It's no different than if you had two glasses of water
> presented to you 
> where one contains traces of iron and copper, and the
> other contains 
> agents for softening PVC, CPVC residues, and residues
> from PVC cement. 
> Which are you going to choose to drink given the choice?
> I would assume 
> that you would choose the glass with only iron and
> copper. If so, why 
> would you then make the opposite choice when it comes to
> you, your 
> family, and your fish?
> -- 
> Jerry Baker
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