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Re: [APD] Rotala indica

Howard Morse wrote:
> Very new to aquariums and plants here. Have a 270L tank undergoing a fishless break-in cycle. Purchased three bunches of rotala indica (among others) and planted them one week ago. Most were survivors, or at least appear to be. But three stalks have started to turn white. One almost completely and another two, only the upper leaves have turned white so far. All three plants are located in the same part of the tank. Nearest item is the heater, about 5 cm away and set to 26C. Started initial dosing of flourish and excel on the 5th.
> Is this a natural transplant/new plant failure or am I not adding something that should be added.

Rotala needs light. A lot of light. Your tank should have around 200+ 
watts of lights on it. In other words, five 4-foot fluorescent tubes or 
more. Does it have this much light?

Also, with that much light CO2 injection is a must. It doesn't have to 
be expensive. You can do it with a 2L bottle and some sugar. Look up DIY 
yeast CO2 injection.

Jerry Baker
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