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Re: [APD] DIY jobs

Nestor D. Groel wrote:
> Stuart:
> I use the same "device" several years ago, but with simple water in
> the tubing I have problems with ice. Several people recomends me to
> use antifreeze liquid or simply put some sodium chloride, but I
> change all for a peltier cell (inefficient but cool :-) ).

> Do you 
> have problems with ice too or use something to avoid it?

Never had problem with ice.
It sounds like you're using a self-contained water system with some sort 
of heat exchange device in the Aquarium water?

PC users put silver leaf material in the water to greatly increase the 
Thermal conductivity of the water.

Useful articles here on water cooling:





I'm pumping the Aquarium water itself through tubing so its pretty warm 
and didn't have time to ice up.

I did have a problem when I first used 6mm air tubing as bacterica grew
inside the tube and so would block the passing of the water.
I moved to wider diameter tubing and this problem went away.

In some of my early experiments I did try a Peltier cell, I had one of 
those low cost small juice can portable fridges which used one.

I coiled up 2 meters of 6mm air tubing inside this wee fridge and fed 
the aquarium water through it and that worked by reducing the 
temperature of the Aquarium tank (60Litres) by 0.1C ever 20mins.
But it did clog up with bacteria after a week.

In the end the fridge was too noisy to operate in my living room due to 
its venting fan. I replaced the fan with a low noise one. But this also 
reduced the cooling capacity of the fridge.
A Peltier cell is only as good as its fan and heatsink.

I also thought about using a large heatsink with a flat base and mount a 
large quiet fan on it. I'd then place this flat side onto the side of 
the Aquarium on the outside and it would have thermo grease (the sort 
used to thermo couple a CPU to a heatsink) to ensure it stuck onto the 
But glass is an insulator and I wasn't sure how well it would work so I 
never got around to doing this.

Stuart Halliday
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