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On 9/7/05, drajitathale <drajitathale at hclinfinet_com> wrote:

> Has anybody tried water hyacinth in aquarium
> ajit

 Hi Ajit,
 DId I read that you have your aquaria outdoors? If so then water hyacinth 
will grow quite well for you. The standard warning about water hyacinth is 
pretty important -- just make sure that it can't get into any lake, river, 
stream or other body of water. I don't know if it is loose in India but it 
is a nightmare in the southeastern US and is being harvested out of Lake 
Victoria as well.. Rampant growth is a hallmark -- I have seen whole plants 
grow from a 5 cm leaf fragment. As long as you are very careful it's a great 
plant to grow. Very heavy feeder that seems to relish warm water and the 
flowers are stunningly beautiful.
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