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Re: [APD] Copper

Liz Wilhite wrote:
>  PEX has been used in Europe for 40 years. I'll let the European list 
> members weigh in on their genitalia or those of their sons if they choose. 
> Copper toxicity is a well documented problem and I never was much concerned 
> about it, either.

Copper, although toxic in large doses, is a naturally occurring element 
that our biological processes have been exposed to from day one. In 
other words, we have evolved to cope with exposure to copper. Not only 
do we cope with it, but we require it in small quantities.

Polyethylene, on the other hand, is a polymer artificially made from 
petroleum. It leaches into liquids that are stored in it. PEX, in 
particular, leaches MTBE and benzene. Perhaps it is perfectly safe to 
drink, but perhaps not. I think metals are the prudent choice, but 
that's just a personal choice.

Jerry Baker
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