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Re: [APD] Copper

Copper pipes should be mighty crusty also after 60 years. I'd buy some upgrades personally. 
You can run a metal removal filter/carbon etc or change the lines or run the line for a few minutes before doing the water change.
Tom Barr  

From: Paul Kemner 

Subject: [APD] Removing Copper
To: aquatic plants digest 

I'm moving to a house that has a 200' long, 60-year-old copper water line 
running from another building. I think the water is picking up copper while 
sitting in the line, and I've had trouble with both fish and plants there. 
We're not using much water there now, and I hate to leave the water run for 
20 min before doing a water change.

Will any of the commercial water conditioners remove, precipitate, or 
otherwise render copper harmless? 

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