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Re: [APD] DIY jobs

Well, you could always add a chiller and then get the
maximum benefit from the heater all year 'round. ;-)


--- "Mariano F. Bonfante" <mariano_bonfante at hotmail_com>

> Adding a rectifier is inexpensive and looks worthwhile as
> a prevention, but 
> I have neither specific data of effects on fish and
> plants. The current 
> through the system is 0.5 amp , which is not neglectable.
> Controlling temperature to a precise point has it
> drawbacks IME. For 
> example, in winter heater is on and water temperature is
> 25ºC. In summer 
> water temperature is 29ºC, and heater is off.
> Once I try with a switching bulb sensing temp close to
> the heaters, 
> maintaining it constant. What I saw was too much heat in
> winter, no heating 
> in summer, so constant adjustment was needed. Therefore,
> I prefer a constant 
> differential temperature system instead, keeping the
> temperature difference 
> instead of absolute values.

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