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Re: [APD] Canopy Cooling

They are measured suspended, open space. A conditon that is
extremely unlike in an actual application. It's done with
roomo fans but rarely with tubeaxials intended for  cooling
bozed of one sort or another. The more likely condition is
that the fan will be mounted onto something with flat
surfaces, at least one of which will be in the same plane
as the fan. So there is probably a 6 db shelving above
frequencies with wavelengths shorter than the shortest
dimension of that plane surface (which effectvely, is
probably the side or rear of the aqaurium). I.e., the freqs
shorter than the plane will get a reinforcement from the


--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> S. Hieber wrote:
> > A 6.7" (175 mm) fan can surely deal with that much
> airflow
> > and hum along in the 47 db neighborhood. But I'm
> inclined
> > to say that, if a 4" fan performs that way, buy all you
> can
> > get your hands and expect to make a fortune -- you
> might
> > have the exception to the laws of physics or at least a
> > serious warp in the fabric of space and time? Otoh,
> perhaps
> > they only measured sound in a particular bandwidth or
> from
> > ten or 15 feet away, or maybe it's not a ground plane
> > measurement, or who knows . . . ?
> The Panaflos are measured at 1m on the intake side
> mounted in an 
> antiechoic chamber. You can read more than you ever
> wanted to know about 
> them here: 
> -- 
> Jerry Baker
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