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Re: [APD] Canopy Cooling

David Grim wrote:
>> Message: 1
>> Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 19:51:04 -0700
>> From: Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz>
>> Subject: [APD] Canopy Cooling
>> To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
>> I see that the IceCap fans are horribly expensive at some $45, and loud
>> at 47.8dBA. I can put together a 35.5dBA fan and a 12VDC transformer for
>> about $13. True that the IceCap is variable speed, but the whole point
>> of variable speed is to be quiet. When the fan I'm talking about is
>> 12dBA less than the IceCap (less than half loud as perceived by the
>> ear), I don't see where the IceCap has an advantage. Is there something
>> critical I am missing, or is this another case of the aquarium hobbyist
>> being gouged?
>> -- 
>> Jerry Baker
> I just did a bit of research on the Web regarding cooling fans for
> computers, and the main issue I see with using these is the CFM (cubic feet
> per minute) rating. This may be where the advantage of the Icecap Fans is
> obvious. I didn't see any 12 VDC computer fans that moved more than 30 CFM.
> This may work in a smaller tank setup, but could prove problematic for a
> multi Halide or Compact Flourescent setup, which probably generates a lot
> more heat than a computer case, just a guess on my part.
> So if you consider the larger 4" Icecap cost at $43 (www.marinedepot.com)
> and the cost of moving the same amount of air with 3-4 DIY computer fans,
> the cost difference becomes almost negligible, doesn't it?

See here: http://www.directron.com/fba12g12u1c.html

115 CFM $9.99

Jerry Baker
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