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Re: [APD] Canopy Cooling

>From that vendor you have the Ahanix fans, one of the two
companies that markets fans with the (once and future)
disputed brand name silenx or silen-x.  The other company,
Silenx, Inc., was apparently started by a former employee
of the Ahanix.

In each case it appears that the fans are rebranded -- it's
been suggested that they are both manufactured by
Panasonic. A great many of the fans available on the market
today are rebranded from one or another of a handful of
very large mass producers. Users have reported that the
sound levels of the silenx (from either source) are quite
normal compared to non-silenx fans with similar actual air
flow rates. That's not bad; just don't overpay for features
that might not be realized. I think it is debatable, to say
the least, whether they are the best fans on the market.
Lots of fans perform equally well and some probably better,
although costlier. In fact, I know of no tests that
demonstrate that they have generally superior performance
to all fans on the market -- certainly not the ones that
are made by the same manufacture but "branded" differently
;-) even though those have more modest performance claims.

Again, it's not hard to make a given size of fan quiet
(slow) or to make one that is powerful (fast). And, as has
been noted on this list today, cutting the spec voltage,
which slows the fan, will make a fan quieter than it would
be at the spec voltage. There are limits to doing
relatively quiet and relatively fast both in the same fan,
and given that the technology hasn't changed much in the
last 30 years (ceramic sleeve bearings are better than they
used to be), well, don't expect to realize any miracle
performances in actual applications.

Probably the biggest diff between fans is the hardness and
associated cost of the bearing material. And sometimes it
is hard to justify the retail price of one long-lived fan
against another that needs more frequent replacement.


--- James H <spreerider at gmail_com> wrote:

> i only use silen-x fans now , and i love them, the
> computer company i 
> ususlly buy from is ncix.com <http://ncix.com> and they
> now carry silenx 
> fans, best on the market,
> ncix will also match any competitor price and they cant
> be beat on shipping

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