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[APD] Pressure pumps versus circulation pumps

I'm adding some water circulation to my 90 gallon. I'm setting up an intake 
bar to a separate canister filter along the back edge of the substrate. The 
outputs from the water pump under discussion here will be at the back top 
of the tank and pointed toward the front, hopefully rolling the water down 
the front and back across the substrate pushing debris toward that intake 
bar at the back. So this pump is just moving the water, the canister is 
filtering it.

The choice of external pumps comes in two flavors; pressure or circulation. 
The pressure pumps are intended for use when pushing water through a filter 
before returning it to the tank, the circulation pumps are for just 
returning the water, such as from a sump. Although I will not be using a 
filter, I do want the water to have some kick to it when entering the tank. 
Typically the pressure pump of the same size as the circulation pump will 
have a smaller return connection and a lower GPH rating at a given head.


So, the question is, will I get more kick behind the lower GPH of the 
pressure pump, or will the higher GPH of the circulation pump work better 
to roll the water in the tank itself?


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