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[APD] 55W 2G11 Base 6500K Bulbs on the Cheap

First, let me preface this by apologizing to everyone for the number of 
questions I have/will be posting here over the next few days and weeks. 
I'm getting ready to set up a very large planted tank and I want to get 
as much feedback as I can each step of the way.

I have found a source of 21.1" 55W 2G11 base 6500K bulbs for $10 each 
The manufacturer rates these bulbs at over 87 lumens/watt. That's pretty 
high for CF as far as I know. The CRI is a little low at 82, but the 
rated life is 14,000 hours. All the specifications are here: 
They sound like good bulbs. Does anyone have any experience with them, 
or have any advice as far as 82 CRI vs. 91 CRI for 5500K AHsupply bulbs?

I was thinking of mixing their 5000K bulbs with the 6700K bulbs with the 
idea that the phosphors are probably slightly different and that I had a 
greater chance of getting "full spectrum" by mixing two types of bulbs. 
In addition, Kelvins are linear, so I would get an end result of 5850K.

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

Jerry Baker
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