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Re: [APD] Canopy Cooling

The hobbyist being gouged! I can find cooling fans for cheap from local 
custom computer shops and the transformer for about 3.95 i think. They 
are made to be quiet.

Jerry Baker wrote:

>I see that the IceCap fans are horribly expensive at some $45, and loud 
>at 47.8dBA. I can put together a 35.5dBA fan and a 12VDC transformer for 
>about $13. True that the IceCap is variable speed, but the whole point 
>of variable speed is to be quiet. When the fan I'm talking about is 
>12dBA less than the IceCap (less than half loud as perceived by the 
>ear), I don't see where the IceCap has an advantage. Is there something 
>critical I am missing, or is this another case of the aquarium hobbyist 
>being gouged?
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