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Re: [APD] hydrogen sulfide - thanks


If the temperature controller of your heating device fail, the styrofoam may be burn with danger for the family and house, because
styrofoam has a very low melt and ingnition point. Why you don´t use a non-flammable material? Space problem?

Several years ago I make my own "heating bottom device" with floor heating cable (danfoss type) but connected to low DC current
(medical grade safe AC adaptor). It works without problem for years and it´s safe and cheap (the jacket is guaranteed by 10 years at
least, still it is used in water). I fix the cable to the bottom with silicone cups and never I take away when I planting. 

I not use it any more because I didn´t notice any positive difference between use it or not and in some cases (specially big
echinodorus) the heating cable it´s in detrimental for the roots. I confirm for myself that a good root system in a balanced
substrate it´s better than a heating cable in a not high quality substrate. I think that if you have problems with the roots in the
substrate, may help you make a good balanced substrate and save a lot of energy and posible security problems with the styrofoam
under the big resistors.  


Néstor D. Groel

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> The granite if for support, like a chassis. Over it I place 
> the Styrofoam plate, to accommodate the resistors under 
> pressure of the tank weight. Over the resistor there is an 
> aluminum plate for heat and weight distribution. 
> The idea is to avoid the direct contact between the resistor 
> and the bottom glass.
> With time the resistor get crushed inside the Styrofoam, but 
> keeping good contact with the aluminum plate thus the bottom glass.
> Mariano

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