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Re: [APD] hydrogen sulfide - thanks

The granite if for support, like a chassis. Over it I place the Styrofoam 
plate, to accommodate the resistors under pressure of the tank weight. Over 
the resistor there is an aluminum plate for heat and weight distribution. 
The idea is to avoid the direct contact between the resistor and the bottom 

With time the resistor get crushed inside the Styrofoam, but keeping good 
contact with the aluminum plate thus the bottom glass.


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>Subject: Re: [APD] hydrogen sulfide - thanks
>Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 22:11:06 +0100
>S. Hieber wrote:
> > You have my curiousity sparked.
> >
> > So this is running AC at 60 volts? Why all the resistors?
>The resistors are the heating element.
> > To reduce the voltage across the across the substart cable
> > termina, I suppose. Why not let the substrate cable be the
> > only significant resistance. Those external resistors are
> > converting electrical energy to heat and then dumping it
> > outside the tank.
>Yes, if I understand Mariano correctly the resistors heat up the
>granite slab and gently heat the underside of the aquarium. Very neat.
>So it isn't in the tank...
>Stuart Halliday
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