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[APD] DIY jobs

Mariano F. Bonfante wrote:
> Local outlets has 220V 50Hz, so I am using a 60Vca (typical en CATV 
> industry), galvanic insulation transformer for feeding the resistors. There 
> is also a dimmer circuit, to allow two phases: day and night. Daytime 
> permits the substrate to be 1ºC above the water, nigh phase just a bias 
> voltage.

> I spent some time with these systems, but it is fun and I like it.

I'm a IT engineer, who was a electronic engineer, so I've often built my 
own low powered heaters for small Aquariums.

I put the resistors in a test tube and fed them 18V DC @ 1.1A from a 
basic regulated off the shelf DC power supply.
So no risk of electric shock or it failing like normal heaters.

It has as a side effect, a low electromagnetic field due to its use of 
DC as oppose to using AC. Some say fish are sensitive to these fields.

Stuart Halliday
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