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[APD] 6 gallon nanocube

Has anyone tried growing plants in the JBJ 6 gallon Nano Cube?  It has 
18 watts of 5500K CF lighting, which seems rather low for that size 
tank.  If you did, what grew well?  I find that the 2-3 wpg rule breaks 
down dramatically for smaller tanks and 18 watts just doesn't sound like 
enough light.  My 2 gallon hex tank has a 14W spiral 5500K bulb over it 
and I can't grow higher light plants like Myriophyllum and 
Alternantheria very well.  (In case you're wondering, I'm fertilizing 
with PMDD and Flourish Excel, so I'm pretty sure it's light.)  I really 
don't want to buy a $99 tank only to have to jury rig it to get enough 

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