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Re: [APD] pH in the filters & root zone

         I usually don't do a water change with a filter clean as
a habit, fearful of an ammonia spike. After so many years of keeping
tabs with test kits & meters, I have concluded that one does not need
a filter in an (older) established planted tank. The only thing required
is a power head to circulate water. So scrubbing a filter should not cause
any major change in Ammonia or Nitrite levels, any spike may be short
lived. Unless one has a digital logging meter its hard to determine the
effects by simple tests.

         I have tested this in some 12 gal tanks. I did have some
hanging Aquaclears.. now they have no media but act only as a


At 02/09/05, you wrote:
>Hmm, definately a weird one.  I always get a PH rise in my tanks during a 
>cleaning but that's always because I also do water change which has a 
>higher PH in the tapwater.
>But that corrects itself in 12 hours with CO2 injection, as your CO2 tank 
>also still takes a week it can't be that.
>So maybe it is the difference caused by lack of bacteria (removed by 
>cleaning) and organic waste being decomposed after all.  I'm suprised it's 
>that much (.3 to .4) as I do my whole filter in one go, all sponges and 
>floss, and don't see any week long change.  As you say, maybe it is a KH 
>change, have you tested that?   That would make a difference (assuming a 
>constant amount of CO2 being injected) but I'm unaware of any mechanics 
>that would make KH change from tapwater to tank in a week.  CO2 starved 
>plants can use bicarbonates and lower your KH, but you shouldn't be 
>getting that in a CO2 injected tank.
> >Peter,
> >
> >         I have two identical tanks one CO2 injected and the other with a
> >spraybar. This occurs in both tanks. I have noted a 0.3 - 0.4 increase. On
> >water flow, a week later pH returns to normal but the water flow is still
> >like new. I continuously monitor pH therefore I notice. I wonder if anyone
> >else has observed any change in pH? Probably more due to organic
> >decomposition in the filter ?
> >
> >Also KH, GH and a whole lot of variable will also play a part.
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