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[APD] Enough about Wrap => plants

>Regardless of the "standards", whatever they might be, it is primarily the
>responsibility of the one who would communicate to be sure that what he
>communicates is understandable. That is not a new concept. 

It's not a question of being "understandable" though.................it's an issue of the display format. The email client Yahoo is not the same as Earthlink it seems
(which I have stopped using and will no longer use in the future), there was no way for me to know this, and since my email wraps automatically anyway for the digest I receive, __I do not see it unwrapped___ unless I am too impatient and need to peruse the site's "This month's" post to get the minute by minute postings. That is _____the only way___ I can see if it's unwrapped.
I can go under tools/options and cannot find a "send" tab or plain text tab anywhere.
So there is some funk in the flow chart for addressing the issue on the Yahoo mail. Notepad is installed at the HTML editor and Yahoo mail is the email client.  
I'd be happy to change whatever might address this issue so folks can stop whining about word wrap and discuss plants.
But I am not a tech nerd about computers, all of you that are, are well respected (I am not bad with some tech programs such as Auto CAD), but my function is ....I am a tech nerd about aquatic plants............
Tom Barr
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