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Re: [APD] "Wordwrap", etc.

"The basic idea is that an authoring program doesn't know
what browser, editor, viewer, will be used to view a
document nor how any particular instance of a browser,
editor, or viewer is set up. Will it be set up for 50
characters per line, 65, 75? . . . "

Well, we are getting pretty far afield from plant topics, but people who
design web sites ("authors") know that they will be viewed by people who use
all kinds of browsers and viewers of different editions, and so they design
with the intent that as many people as possible can view their offerings.
They take that responsibility.

Regardless of the "standards", whatever they might be,  it is primarily the
responsibility of the one who would communicate to be sure that what he
communicates is understandable.  That is not a new concept. <g>


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