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Re: [APD] pH in the filters & root zone

Hmm, definately a weird one.  I always get a PH rise in my tanks during a cleaning but that's always because I also do water change which has a higher PH in the tapwater.  
But that corrects itself in 12 hours with CO2 injection, as your CO2 tank also still takes a week it can't be that.

So maybe it is the difference caused by lack of bacteria (removed by cleaning) and organic waste being decomposed after all.  I'm suprised it's that much (.3 to .4) as I do my whole filter in one go, all sponges and floss, and don't see any week long change.  As you say, maybe it is a KH change, have you tested that?   That would make a difference (assuming a constant amount of CO2 being injected) but I'm unaware of any mechanics that would make KH change from tapwater to tank in a week.  CO2 starved plants can use bicarbonates and lower your KH, but you shouldn't be getting that in a CO2 injected tank.


>         I have two identical tanks one CO2 injected and the other with a 
>spraybar. This occurs in both tanks. I have noted a 0.3 - 0.4 increase. On 
>water flow, a week later pH returns to normal but the water flow is still 
>like new. I continuously monitor pH therefore I notice. I wonder if anyone 
>else has observed any change in pH? Probably more due to organic 
>decomposition in the filter ?
>Also KH, GH and a whole lot of variable will also play a part.
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