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[APD] Improving red in narrow leaf ludwegia

Hi all, I have a tank that I am planning on entering
in the AGA contest- this will be my first time
entering- and I am currently trying to get my plants
to peak. I am running DIY Co2 (I do not know how much
I am getting but everything is growing fast), dosing
excel and macro nutrients daily w/ traces and iron
every other day and have a 4" bed of flourite. All of
the nutrients are Seachem brand (using the full line
of products) dosed at aproximately double the
recomended doses. Testing shows my Nitrates to run
between 5 and 10 ppm so I think I am Ok there and the
plants are showing no signs of any deficiencies.
Although my crypts, dwarf lilys and red ruben sword
are colored up quite well and my dwarf hairgrass,
dwarf sag. and d. dander are brilliant shades of green
, I cannot seem to get more than a slight tinge around
the edges of my ludwegia. The tank is a 37 cube and I
am running around 38 watts (a single and a double
strip) of T5 along w/ the 19 watt standard flo. bulb
the tank came w/ and the tank gets about 4 hours of
natural sunlight as well. Growth of the d. dander is
about 3 inches per week,  and the ludwegia (which is
under the same light, the double T5 in the middle of
the tank) is about 1.5 inches per week. I have been
agressively pruning the d.dander to ensure it does not
shade the ludwegia and currently the ludwegia is well
over an inch above the other plantings. If this is a
light issue I will just have to be happy w/ what I
have now... but if it is something else I would love
to know how to improve the color.
Thanks for any advice. 

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