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Re: [APD] hydrogen sulfide - thanks

I have been using different types of substrate heaters since a long time, 
when I first read about them. Although this subject became controversial 
years after, I have experienced when the system is working properly, that 
chances of getting anaerobic spots is rather scarce.


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>Subject: Re: [APD] hydrogen sulfide - thanks
>Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 10:19:10 +0100
>Mark Gilmore wrote:
> > Stuart - thanks for the tips of my hydrogen sulfide disaster.  The trick
> > now will be catching fish in the densely planted tank before I start
> > stirring up the substrate.
>Good point.
>How about this idea. Put in an aerator on high for an hour or two so
>you've got lots of oxygen in the water and then poke say 10% of the
>substrate. Then leave it for an hour before poking the next area.
>This way any nasty gases can't dissolve into the water as it's already
>saturated with oxygen?
>Stuart Halliday
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