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Re: [APD] hydrogen sulfide - thanks

O2 levels probably won't significantly affect how much
hydrogen sulfide gets into the water. But aeration, even
(or espeicially) if done with a power head that moves lots
of water to the surface, can help to off-gass the nasty
stuff about as quickly as it enters.

Scott H.

--- Stuart Halliday <stuart at stuarthalliday_com> wrote:

> How about this idea. Put in an aerator on high for an
> hour or two so 
> you've got lots of oxygen in the water and then poke say
> 10% of the 
> substrate. Then leave it for an hour before poking the
> next area.
> This way any nasty gases can't dissolve into the water as
> it's already 
> saturated with oxygen?

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