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[APD] Netiquette

S. Hieber wrote:
> Cut and paste into notepad. You get instant wrap-o-rama.
> According to the standards, the displayer is supposed to
> handle the wrapping, not the editor producing the original
> file. 

It is?

Since when?

In the good old days (1990s) of USENET and BBS's (yes this was before 
'the Internet'), we had to ensure our emails were wrapped at 72-76 
characters. This was due to the display device having a 80 character 
width and we had to leave a few characters spare for quoting.

We were often expected to be Netiquette aware.

But with the advent of HTML in emails and crappy software like Outlook 
Express people just use whatever the email program is set to.

We may have came a long way since the awful software we had to put up 
with in the nineties. But there are still very badly made email programs 
around which allow the non-HTML part of an email not to be wrapped at 
the correct width of 72-76.

Another big factor I think, is that in the old days the kind of person 
that was online was by necessity very technical. So they understood the 
reasons behind Netiquette.

Not so these days. When a person gets online these days they are no 
longer told the basic rules of Netiquette. Shame.

It's a bit like writing a letter, we were all taught how to write 
correctly and we all cringe when we get a letter badly spelt or with 
awful syntax.

Personally I think, why should email be any different?

Don't get me started on ppl that top post or refuse to snip quotes! ;-)

Stuart Halliday
Ancient IT Engineer
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