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Re: [APD] pH in the filters & root zone (Raj)

>         I have noticed that when I unclog my choked (Eheim 2217)
>canister filter by washing out *only* the first (lowest) layer sponge,
>the pH rises in the tank. The pH returns back to normal after a week
>or so.

By the way.. just how much of a PH difference?

Cleaning a filter out is doing at least two things... it's increasing the flow of your filter and removing the bacteria from the sponge.

Nitrification consumes oxygen and creates an acid so the slowing down of this could increase your PH 

But it also (and I'd guess more probable) could be the increased flow of your filter is making you lose more CO2.  Agitated surface water, a wet/dry filter etc will allow CO2 to escape the tank water and that will cause a higher PH, just as adding CO2 lowers PH.   It would return to it's regular level once the filter slowly gets reclogged.


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