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Re: [APD] DIY Iron fertilization

Not exactly DIY but at least we are not talking the $20 for 4 weeks worth of fertilization...

I get it two ways. A hydroponic store sells a dry trace element mix you can use. Off topic but, I've always hated the fact that all the store mixtures are liquids... what a way to make money selling water. Back on topic, the dry mix costs about $6 but with the amounts you use it lasts a long time. Be careful on the dosing.

I also use Tropica Master Grow (TMG) which is great stuff if you don't want to mix your own.  If you buy the 5L bottle (might have to ask for it as it might not be on the shelf) it's much much cheaper than the smaller bottles which seem to think everyones tank is around 10-20 gal :P

That actually brings up a question.  As both are trace element mixes... could you use one to replace the other for traces, the dry hydroponic mix for TMG?  Fertilizing for K, P etc are done seperately (more hydroponic stuff).


>Does anybody know a cheap way to make your own iron supplement? It seems to 
>me that buying the premade aquarium iron fertilizers isn't very 
>cost-effective. Perhaps dissolving ferric chloride (iron chloride) in water 
>or using garden iron additives would work. Anybody with some insight to 
>share would be greatly appreciated.
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