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Re: [APD] pH in the filters & root zone

>          Would this be the same reason as what Greg explained? and
>how does this happen I wonder. Or what causes the pH to be lower
>(Acidic) in the root zone.

The gravel/root zone has a lower pH due to the break down of waste organics that tend to settle out there (fish waste, excees food, decaying plant matter, etc all tend to degrade into into acidic organic acids.)
>          Could I shamelessly ask what Flourish contains? I have not
>found any available here in South India.

Flourish Iron utilizes a iron-gluconate complex. Chelation is a form 
of complexation, (a much stronger form of complexation), so the 
principle is the same, it is just not bound as strongly, so it is 
more available to the plants leaves, stems and roots. Also, iron 
complexed in this form is in the ferrous (+2) state which is the form 
preferred by plants as well so it makes it that much easier to 
utilize rapidly.

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