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Re: [APD] Excel and UV light

Right onthe money. Whatever UV does to chelators, it
doesn't remove iron from the aquarium. It's still in there;
the plants just have to work a little harder to get it. ;-)


--- Pete <peteal at sympatico_ca> wrote:

> When I have used my UV (only for outbreaks of green
> water) for a few days I do observe my faster growing
> plants new leaves go pale which is one indication of iron
> deficiency.  I never get this effect without the UV
> sterilizer working.  Luckily you only need to turn it on
> for 2-3 days to solve your green water problem which is
> just around the time the pale leaves show up.  Stopping
> the UV solves the problem.
> I can't say all this is a 'fact' as I haven't done
> chemical tests with before and after results ;).  But
> just from observation I would say it does seem to effect
> iron levels in the water.  Going off memory, that would
> be chelated-iron levels which happens to be the ones
> plants prefer (it can't actually 'remove' things from the
> water.. just change the chemical form) and not sure what
> happens to all the dechelated iron in the water.  As I do
> weekly water changes (one of the perks of doing that) I
> don't worry about the levels as they'll get reset.
> Cheers
> Peter.
> >I read on another site that Seachems Excel is broken
> down by U.V. light and  
> >that if you want to use it you need to turn off your
> U.V. sterilizer.
> >Does anyone now if this is fact?
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