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Re: [APD] cycling water for water changes (Derek Parr)

Derek wrote:

>Part of the reason I ask, is that my tap water may be coming in with 
>ammonia to about 4ppm occasionally, according to a fellow local 
>aquarist, I've been too lazy to verify that.  That, and the other 
>advantages are causing me to think seriously on the subject.  Presently 
>my water changes either come straight from the tap after going through 
>an under sink carbon filter, or from the same tap but stored in gallon 
>jugs for the tank at work and drinking water at work... and small tanks 
>at home. So, another question then, does carbon filter out ammonia?  Or 
>are those white pellets the only thing that does that? (besides plants 
>of course)
>-derek parr
I did some research earlier this year, and as far as I can tell, carbon 
does not filter out ammonia, while zeolite does.  Carbon is best for 
aromatic, uncharged molecules like DOCs and traps them by a combination 
of hydrophobic interactions and small pore size.  It also traps some 
metals, but I'm not sure of the mechanism.  Zeolite also has very small 
pores, and does a bit of trapping by pore size, but it traps cations 
like NH4+ because it has negatively charged sites as part of the mineral.

Personally, I use mine straight from the tap treated with AmQuel for the 
chloramines for all but my most sensitive fish.  For those, I run an 
air-driven box filter with a bag of Chemi-Pure in the water overnight 
because it seems that I have a subtle problem with my tapwater.  It 
tests fine, but sensitive fish don't like it until it's been chemically 
filtered.  I bet you could do something similar with a little internal 
filter filled with zeolites.  All you'd need is a Fluval 1 or 2.  Slow 
flow rates are better for chemical media.


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