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Re: [APD] water in your mouth

I had a really nice version of this kind of thing when I
was a kid. And I haven't found anything near as nice since.
The Ehiem works pretty well and fits most tubing. You can
change the airline through which is expels water with a
longer line and then route it wherever you need to --
that's convenient.

It's a bit pricey -- or as we say, it's an Eheimy price.
But it beats the heck out of the alternative you mentioned.

Scott H.

--- Billionzz at aol_com wrote:

> I have Eheims with priming heads, a Python, a hard piped
> water change  system 
> and a power head attached to some python tubing for water
> changes in some  of 
> my smaller aquariums.
> But every now and then something will come up where I
> need to suck on the  
> end of some tubing to get a siphon started. That's where
> I have a problem,  I 
> really don't like even putting my mouth on the tubing and
> sometimes I get fish  
> water in my mouth. 
> Can someone tell me if this Eheim Siphon Starter  works
> or if there is 
> something similar to it that works better.
> x_ 
> Hopefully I can go without ever having to get water in my
> mouth  again.
> Thanks,
> Bill VanHorn
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