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Re: [APD] Retrofit Eclipse Six?

Hi Scott,

Thanks for all your information. I think the 1 X 13
would be enough, too, for a planted tank. The biggest
hurdle with the factory 6, as I'm sure you know, is
the dearth of light that makes it to the back. The 8W
regular bulb is fine for growing slow growers UP
FRONT, but yields nothing but leggy ugliness in back.

If I were going to try the 1 X 13 setup, do you think
I'd still need fans? I would definitely still cut
vents somewhere in the top, and the sleeving's a great
idea, too.

If I shelved the idea of retrofit lighting altogether,
does anyone know if there'd be enough light for some
java ferns to thrive back there? I saw on here ages
back about people using cork sheeting to tie java
ferns to and wondered if that might be a good solution
to the "filter shadow."

I welcome any advice/suggestions.

S. Hieber wrote:

> If one kept to a 1x13, that would probaby be a good
> amount
> of light for planted purposes and you could probably
> keep
> the stock filter. The 1x13 reflector might work but
> might
> need some trimming.

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