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Re: [APD] spray bar


         Its the spray bar from Eheim 2217. The length is 29 cm with a 
diameter of 12.5 mm and has 9 holes of 6 mm spaced 30 mm apart. The bar is 
about 1 cm above the water on one side and the intake on the opposite side. 
Its ON 24 hrs..

         When you have a tank of live bearers they multiply like rabbits! ..


At 27/08/05, you wrote:
>I would like Raj to mention in detail about the :-
>1. Size of the spary bar(length, no of holes, etc),
>2  Position of the spray bar with respect to the upper level of water
>3.Pump used,
>4. Timing of use, etc.
>So that anyone who wants to try will have guidance
>By the way, I have a 20 gallon non-co2 tank with 14 no. 2-3inch fishes ,
>heavily planted and I have never seen any fish gasping anytime.
>Only thing I noticed was immediately after the day of heavy prunning,
>the fish activity increased. So probably fish load is most importanrt.

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