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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 24, Issue 42

> I'd suggest a 3x 150 HQI + 2x 96w PC lights.
> Smaller hood, better lighting options(run the PC's 10 hours and the MH's 
> for 3-6 hours).
> If she wants the MH's etc, she can use them but more light is not better.
> 4x 96w of PC lighting is enough to grow anything and can also be 
> staggered.
> She better go figure out how to use CO2 real good and learn how to do 
> that.
> That will make or break the tank's success. Too many obsess over nutrients 
> and not enough about good CO2/plant biomass.
> Lots of plants from the very start, add mulm to the filter/gravel etc.
> Adding the nutrients is easy, not so with CO2 until adjusted correctly.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

I was originally pushing for 3 150 HQI, but the price on that system was a 
little too high for her (I know, it can be done cheaper, but the LFS i work 
for only buys from Hamilton, so very few options).  She'll have a 5lbs CO2 
tank and a Milwaukee duel gauge regulator with needle valve, solenoid and 
bubble counter.  I considered a pH controller, but went without since I've 
found it easy to control CO2 with just bubble count.

Oh, and I'll be adding some peat and mulm under her substrate, and a filter 
squeez (from one ofthe sponge filters in the store) to her filter.  Also, we 
plan on going crazy with the plants... lots of them... LOTS! lol.  that's 
pretty much the way she described her idea to me.  She pointed to an Amano 
setup with substrate covered in gloso, and various large lush apons and 
swords looming around driftwood, and said... "like this!"  Hopefully it will 
be, huh?


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