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Re: [APD] Aeration & a planted tank

Some think still waters run deep. Actually they don't run
at all, which is to say, running waters aren't still. 

Still waters aren't a good thing in a planted tank -- it's
not just a matter of getting water to the surface to pick
up O2, but also getting the CO2 and other nutrients inthe
water to the plant surfaces -- that water at the plant
surfaces must be more or less continually replaced or the
plants are won't have their meals.

Liz gives a good example of easily-accomplished aeration
without the bubblies. In her example, the amount of water
moving through the pump/filter is unchanged when she
changed from the gasp to the no-gasp condition -- that
amount being whatever the pump moves. But apparently, it
was the same water flowing through the pump time and again
while much of the aquarium water never left the tank --
wallflower water that didn't get into circulation. Good
flow rate and good circulation is what I thought would work
for just about any non-CO2 tank. The replies have been
interesting. Even George's ;-)

Scott H.

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