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Re: [APD] A lighting and nutrient question...

Seachem makes a great effort at explaining their
products and how to best use them in their free
booklet "H2Grow" which you should get from your
supplier, ...although they do not make or sell Co2
supplimentation products they are mentioned in the
booklet as to how they affect using the flourish line.
Whenever I sell a setup at my store I send them home
w/ the book and start them off w/ instructions to use
the products according to directions and slowly
increase dosages as their plants/confidence takes off.
The booklet does mention a 5% water change weekly but
I tell folks to increase that amount each time they
increase the dosing w/ the goal being a 50% water
change (weekly to re-set) and daily dosing of product
to keep up w/ the demand by the plants. The product
line is fairly conservative in the dosing amounts (as
they need to be for the poor hobbyist that buys them
knowing nothing) so she might want to consider
doubling them within a short time of the initial setup
w/ hi-powered lights and Co2... but either way she
will need to be brave enough to experiment ;)

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