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[APD] A lighting and nutrient question...

So the lady I am selling this awesome setup to decided to go with a 125 
gallon tank (72"L x 18"W x 22"H), and I'm thinking 3 175watt Metal Halides 
would do the system nicely.  A little on the high side, I know, but the 
lights will be in a 15" tall fan ventilated canopy, and of course it will 
have injected CO2.   Thoughts?

Also, I basically use PMDD (Stump-Out, Fleet, Salt Substitute, Epsom Salts) 
for most of my ferts.  I use Flourish comprehensive and Flourish iron for 
the traces and iron.  The problem is, I'm setting this woman up with all 
Flourish products(Comprehensive, Iron, and Potassium)... , partly for her 
convenience, partly for the $$ (hey... I'm a salesman OK!) Are the dosing 
directions on the bottle appropriate for the aforementioned tank/setup?  And 
should I still tell her to go pick up some Stump-Out, Fleet, and Epsom 
Salts, since she will probably need more NO3, PO4, and Mg even after the 
Flourish Supplements?


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