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Re: [APD] Aeration & a planted tank

> I wonder if fish population has more to do with causing a 
> morning-gasping condition than lots of plants. My slow-grow 
> (or "no-added-CO2) tanks have always been reasonably densely 
> planted, but not overcrowded with fish the way my fast-grow 
> tanks usuall are. some of the slow grows have had biowheels, 
> which I believe are very good aerators, but not all of them. 
> In the slow grows, temps usually pretty constant 78-80, GH 
> and KH about 2 or 3, pH 7.0-7.2 -- Excel, traces (Flourish or 
> MasterGrow), and small amounts of KNO3, and KH2PO4 added regularly.

I had a 20 gal long on my desk at work for quite a while.  It was
densely planted with a small fish load.  There was no filter on this
tank, just a small powerhead near the bottom-back for ciculation.  I
never noticed any gasping in the mornings.


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