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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

my plant tub full of white clouds on my porch has had no problems... and 
it has gotten into the 100's alot this summer.. and stayed in the 90's 
mostly.  and the tub is quite full of plants.  No filtration, pumps or 
anything.  Just a tub, some gravel on the bottom, water, lots of plants, 
and white clouds..  and of course whatever has moved in since I put it 
all out there a few months ago.
-derek parr

Raj wrote:
>          Increasing temperature will increase the metabolism rate in 
> plants, fish and micro organisms in the tank. I don't think that they all 
> would increase at the same rate.
>          Try introducing additional continuos agitation instead of only at 
> night. In a natural water body like a river, the water is continuously 
> moving with good agitation on average. The shallower the river the  greater 
> the agitation and oxygenation. So, to simulating nature would be the best 
> way to go.
>          I have noticed in my pond, after dark cloudy days the fish are 
> gasping at the surface in the morning. Now I keep a circulator pump on all 
> the time.
> Raj
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