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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

         Increasing temperature will increase the metabolism rate in 
plants, fish and micro organisms in the tank. I don't think that they all 
would increase at the same rate.

         Try introducing additional continuos agitation instead of only at 
night. In a natural water body like a river, the water is continuously 
moving with good agitation on average. The shallower the river the  greater 
the agitation and oxygenation. So, to simulating nature would be the best 
way to go.

         I have noticed in my pond, after dark cloudy days the fish are 
gasping at the surface in the morning. Now I keep a circulator pump on all 
the time.


>Another 2 cents worth of observation on this...  I have a 30 gal tank, very
>heavily planted, 55W CF, no CO2 supplement (but I do supplement C with
>Excel).  Every time I do a large water change (usually with fertilization
>and Excel), the plants pearl madly for a couple days, and I can count on
>seeing the fish at the surface 'gasping' for oxygen in the mornings.  One
>thing to note is that here in Phoenix, the water temp in the summer is often
>well over 80' F straight from the 'cold' water tap, and the tank usually
>runs around 80-82' F, or sometimes even higher.
>I'm guessing that the increase in temperature is contributing to the O2
>depletion since the water holds less at higher temps.  After following this
>thread,  I've decided to add some aeration at night to reduce the stress on
>the fish.   It'll be interesting to see if the phenomenon goes away this
>winter when I can keep the tank at a lower temp.
>Terry S. in AZ

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