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Re: [APD] Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp will eat algae. I cannot determine if they are as good or not
as good as Amanos, but they are beautiful critters nonetheless.

The nice feature is that they will breed in a totally freshwater setup. I
set up the 30 gallon tank I have for them specifically. I have a
mutli-branched piece of driftwood covered with taiwan moss, which the babies
love to hide in. Red Tennellus and Pogostemon Helferi grow in the
Eco-complete substrate.

The main issue I had was determing which type of tankmates wouldn't eat the
babies, which are so small there aren't many fish that couldn't. I tried
keeping the most peaceful type of cichlid, Rams, in there but I found that
what was happening was that they were picking off the babies and soon there
was nothing but adults around, which is fine if you don't care if they
reproduce, but I wanted a breeding colony.

I pulled the Rams, and started keeping small Tetras and Rasboras in the
tank, and the colony took off. The only other type fish I have in there is a
small SAE and a Zebra Plecosotomus.

I add Seachem Iodide to the tank once a week with the water change.
Filtration is an Eheim 2213 with CO2 injection and AH Supply 2 x 36 watt
6700K CF light.

I bet I conservatively have at least 150 Cherry Shrimp of various sizes in
the tank now, and whenever I clean the Eheim there are always at least 20-30
shrimp living in the bottom of it. It has been one of the most enjoyable
plant tanks I have ever had.


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