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Re: [APD] plant density

>1. In what quantity should the minerals be present in water in ppm for optimal plant growth >including CO2 ?

It's a range of concentrations. Not one particular static level (This is not practical in general maintenance). 

>2. What should be the density of plants per sq.ft/ inch of aquarium substrate and is there any >relation to the plants mineral requirements per sq.ft / inch of covered area ? 

Yes, there is a direct relationship. More plants, as many as will fit, look at a nice looking planted tank on line, see how dense the planting is? Add as many plants as you can for the tank area, more plants is better.
Fewer plants will use less nutrients, but having more nutrients will not do harm and nutrients are cheap to add. 
>I would be grateful if this could be answered by the members or someone who has done a >study on this ie the relationship between aquatic plants mineral requirements ( which we >dose through PMDD) vs plant density and what is the optimum amount of minerals >requirements ppm for their growth in relation to NO3,K2O,K,S,K,Fe,Mn,Zn,Cu,Mo,Bo,S,Mg 
>Sujoy Banerjee
Tom Barr

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