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[APD] NJ LFS Midnight Madness Sale

For those in the Clifton, NJ area(NE NJ, USA)

Absolutely Fish is holding their Annual Midnight Madness sale Friday Aug 26 
11:00 PM to 2:00 AM. I went last year and got on line at 10:00. There were 
already about 150 people in front of me. The store stocks up on fish and 
plants and supplies prior to this sale. All of their employees are there to 
help. Raffles for tanks, Seachem distributor and samples, All Glass & 
Oceanic are there too.

Their web site is: http://www.absolutelyfish.com/

I am not connected with them at all. For your information and help. Their 
plants are well stocked and healthy. Jim is the plant person. Don't know his 
last name.

Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ

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