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Re: [APD] Return to planted tanks and LFS

--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:
> " He has a large wet/dry, and although I know canisters
> are better since you don't loose so much CO2, this is
> what he's working with..."
> No, there should be no difference in CO2 loss if you seal
> the wet/dry air vents and raise ther overflow to about 4"
> inches below the tank's water surface. Wet drys will not
> degas if you do these two simple things. 

Based on my experience, that's not true. If your set-up
shedding CO2 at a realtively high rate before installing a
sump system, then the sump system won't make a really big
diff. IF the set-up was very CO2 efficient to start wtih,
then switching to a sump can as much as double CO2 use. I
can't think of where all the extra is all going except up
up and awayyyyyy.

> Steve, George and myself all found this to be true many
> years ago independently. See APD Archives for more.

Been there, read that. Imagine my surprise when I installed
the sump ;-)

Scott H.
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