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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

         I have found aeration very beneficial to plants and fish in a 
heavily planted tank (Non CO2 injected). The aeration improves the gas 
equilibrium between water and air. I have noticed large fish gasping 
(funneling) early in the morning when the plants have almost depleted the 
water of O2 at night. I have lost some large goldfish some years ago due to 
this, smaller fish seem to get by with lower O2 levels at night. Now I use 
a spray bar and extra aeration to promote water movement. In a heavily 
planted tank water movement is restricted by the plants.


>          I've been wondering lately if it would be a good idea to stop
>using the air pump and two stones on my planted community tank.  It has a
>overly large (for the tank) Bio-wheel 300 which provides plenty of surface
>agitation.  I use Flourish Excel and am wondering if the aeration is
>driving out the Excel faster.

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