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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 24, Issue 30

Aeration in a planted tank isn't necessary if the tank is heavily planted.By this I mean ALOT of plants.If it has a fae then I would recomend still using the bio-wheel.Make sure the difuser is on the opposit end of yuor tank.

I know your only using Excel at the moment,but I would advise adding a co2 fermintation canister.I use the one from HAGAN. It works great and is cheap.I'd stay away from diy types,too many bad accidents waiting to happen(just my opinion).The EXCEL can still be added along with it.

My 30gallon long is currently ran by: Hagen co2 canister,

                                                     Emporer 280,

                                              1-48" shop light using 2 Corlife Nutri-grow @40watts,

                                                       1 Coralife 50/50 @40watts'

                                                    merlin 60+ fluidized bed filter w/Rio 600 pump,

                                                   and Eco-Complete substrate.

Before I was using 2 - 18" lights that you can get @ $5.00 with a plant light @15watts.Not nearly enuogh by any means.I was also using Natural Aquarium Vital.This stuff was only so-so at best I thought.

Jeff Scarsdale 

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